Fazenda Caxambu, Brazil | ESPRESSO
Fazenda Caxambu, Brazil | ESPRESSO
Fazenda Caxambu, Brazil | ESPRESSO
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Fazenda Caxambu, Brazil | ESPRESSO

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Tasting notes:

Hazelnut, prune and butterscotch


Brazil. Sul de Minas Gerais




970 to 1,200 metres above sea level


Mundo Novo


Carmem Lucia Chaves de Brito & family


The Chaves de Brito family has been farming coffee in Brazil’s Sul de Minas region for over a century. The current generation - Denise, Letícia, Carmem Lucia, Paulo Fernando and Paulo Roberto - are passionate about producing top quality coffee on their family farm, Fazenda Caxambu.

Caxambu lies at between 930 and 1,150 metres above sea level in the rolling hills of south Minas Gerais, close to the small town of Três Pontas. This temperate region has average temperatures of between 21°C and 23°C, with an annual rainfall average of 1800mm - ideal conditions for producing coffee.

Extending over a total of 380 hectares, Fazenda Caxambu dedicates 280 hectares to coffee production. The farm is planted out with a wide range of different varietals, which are carefully demarcated in separate plots: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow and Red Icatú, Rubí, Mundo Novo, Acaiá, Caturra, Yellow and Red Catuaí, and Topázio.

The farm’s cherries are picked by hand when they are fully ripe, with various passes to avoid harvesting green cherries. This particular lot is comprised of Mundo Novo cherries that were processed using the Natural method. The cherries are carefully delivered to dry on the farm’s extensive patios without being pulped. Once there, they are turned regularly to ensure even drying. Once the cherries reach optimum humidity they are rested in the farm’s purpose-built warehouses before being hulled and prepared for export.

In addition to producing coffee of exceptional quality, Caxambu is committed to contributing to the well-being and education of those who work for them. The farm has 50 full-time employees and 17 families housed on the farm itself and offers all their workers training and continued education through a partnership with the National Rural Learning Service. Caxambu also has its own school, which serves the children of their employees.

“Caxambú” means ‘music box’ in a mix of Afro-Indian language. It is a symbol that brings uncommon musicality to the farm’s coffees. Local legends have it that “The Earth carries us and guards our steps. Heaven feeds our Soul and Heart to enjoy the unique moments of life.” Carmem Lucia and her family also hold that each bean of coffee takes with it the history of the places and hands it has passed through.

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