Tolima Organic Community Lot, Colombia | ESPRESSO
Tolima Organic Community Lot, Colombia | ESPRESSO
Tolima Organic Community Lot, Colombia | ESPRESSO
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Tolima Organic Community Lot, Colombia | ESPRESSO

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Tasting notes:

cherry, vanilla and a touch of clove




Washed, 60 hours anaerobic fermentation. 15 days drying


1,700 masl


Mixed Colombian varieties


Organic farms averaging 2-10 hectares

The coffee community that is part of Tolima Organic consists of farmers who own farms ranging from 2 to 10 hectares at an average altitude of 1700 m.a.s.l. These farms are located in Planadas and Neiva in the Tolima department.

The Tolima Grande Organic program is designed to promote more sustainable coffee farming through various organic practices. Through diverse agricultural training sessions by the the organisation Faro, the skills and knowledge of the coffee farmers is bettered. Enabling them to produce excellent organic coffees, face the challenges of climate change, and make the most of their land by managing it in the best way possible.

Organic coffee farming is gaining traction for several reasons. First, it eliminates the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, relying instead on natural methods to maintain soil fertility and control pests. This not only preserves the local ecosystem but also produces coffee that is free from chemical residues. Additionally, organic farming helps in building sustainable soil, which is crucial for long-term agricultural success, especially in the face of climate change.

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