Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO
Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO
Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO
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Sítio Prata, Brazil | ESPRESSO

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Tasting notes:

Chocolate, hazelnut, apricot


Brazil, Sul de Minas




1150 metres above sea level


Yellow Catuai


Marlene Magalhães Bachião



Marlene has dedicated her life to coffee. She learned coffee processing from her father and now manages her own farm near Nova Resende City using the same traditional techniques.

As a child, Marlene, along with her ten siblings, helped handpick coffee cherries on her father’s farm. This experience taught her the intricacies of coffee production and the care needed for high-quality results. Today, Marlene, with her husband Osvaldo Bachião, runs Sítio Prata with dedication. Many of her siblings have also established nearby farms, continuing the family legacy.

The harvest at Sítio Prata is now fully mechanized, sparing Marlene’s children from handpicking. Despite its high altitude of 1150 meters, the farm’s relatively flat terrain allows efficient use of harvesters. Harvesting occurs in two stages: the first collects ripe cherries, and the second, a few days later, gathers any remaining fruit.

Sítio Prata also features various other trees for wood and carbon offsetting. Additionally, 25% of the farm is a protected natural forest, preserving local flora and fauna.

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