Sidama Abore Natural, Ethiopia | Filter
Sidama Abore Natural, Ethiopia | Filter
Sidama Abore Natural, Ethiopia | Filter
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Sidama Abore Natural, Ethiopia | Filter

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Tasting notes:

lemon, clove, cinnamon


Ethiopia. Bombe, Sidama


Natural process at Abore Station


1,920 to 2,020 metres above sea level

Varietal: JARC Selection 74110 & 74112


Located within the famous Sidama coffee-producing region of Ethiopia, the Abore Station works directly with just over a thousand smallholder producers to mill coffee for export – usually around four to six thousand tons of coffee each year.
For processing, the journey begins with only the most ripe cherries being selectively hand-picked. Once collected, the cherries are delivered to the mill to be sorted based on density and quality. This process is carried out by submerging the cherries in tanks and removing the floating cherries prior to drying. After sorting, the cherries are then moved to traditional raised beds lined with mesh nets. Once here, the cherries are rotated every 30 minutes to ensure even drying and to prevent over-fermentation. Drying typically takes about 12-15 days depending on the temperature and humidity. Once the coffee is dried, producers will travel, generally, via horseback or motorcycle 2-5kms to the dry mill. Once at the mill, the coffee is hulled via machine before being packed, ready for export. The Abore Station is one example, whereby producers bring coffee cherries to be processed and purchased. Named after a neighbouring bridge constructed for a local chief, the Bombe Abore Station is situated beside a beautiful waterfall.


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