Mt. Elgon Gibuzale, Uganda | ESPRESSO
Mt. Elgon Gibuzale, Uganda | ESPRESSO
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Mt. Elgon Gibuzale, Uganda | ESPRESSO

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Tasting notes:

Boiled sweets, raspberry leaf, marzipan 


Uganda, Mt. Elgon Region


Fully washed & dried on raised beds


1700-2200 meters above sea level


SL14 and SL28


270 smallholder producers delivered cherries for this particular Gibuzale lot



For many, Uganda might not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking of high-quality Arabica coffee, especially since the country has been traditionally known as a producer of Robusta. The country has the ideal climate and geography for coffee production, yet producers do face various infrastructure challenges. The slopes of Mt. Elgon in the East (bordering Kenya) are ideally suited for the production of high-quality specialty coffee. The locals believe that God lives on Mt. Elgon - far beyond where people venture - and that when He is happy, he delivers rain to the bountiful gardens clinging to the mountainside. Indeed, these green, fertile hillsides are nearly divine territory for the production of spectacular coffees, and producers are increasingly realising their potential. Kyagalanyi is one of the entities tapping into this budding potential and making it possible for smallholders to participate in specialty markets. Situated at 1,900 metres above sea level, Gibuzale washing station is the highest and most remotely located washing station operated by Kyagalanyi. 934 smallholder farmers from around the region deliver coffee cherry here. Roughly, a total of 270 smallholder producers delivered cherries for this particular Gibuzale lot.

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