Kenya Karatina AA | Filter
Kenya Karatina AA | Filter
Kenya Karatina AA | Filter
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Kenya Karatina AA | Filter

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Tasting notes:

Blackcurrant, tomato, raspberry leaf


Kenya, Nyeri County


Washed & dried on raised beds


1,650 meters above sea level


Ruiru 11, SL 28, Batian


1,450 smallholder producers


Within the Nyeri County along the slopes of Mt. Kenya is the Karatina Factory, or wet mill. 1,450 smallholders in this region contribute coffee cherries to this mill and belong to the Barichu Cooperative Society. Situated at 1,650 meters above sea level, this region is defined by its bright red soils, full of rich nutrients for coffee trees. The high altitude allows for ideal temperatures and rainfall for the slow maturation of coffee cherries. Smallholders in this region grow coffee on small plots of land and pick the cherries during harvest to deliver to the mill. There are two harvests in the Nyeri County, one occurring from May – June and another from November – December. Producers and the Factory collectively value sustainability, and various projects have been enacted to reduce environmental impact. Wastewater used for processing is carefully placed into soak pits to seep back into the soil without polluting the local drinking source. Producers will also inter-crop maize and banana with the coffee to diversify income whilst also promoting soil health. Macadamia trees and the local Grevillea are planted to provide the coffee with necessary shade.

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