Jairo Arcila - Honey Casillo Strawberry & Wine Yeast, Colombia | FILTER
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Jairo Arcila - Honey Casillo Strawberry & Wine Yeast, Colombia | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Champagne, Turkish delight, candied strawberry and cream


Colombia, Quindio


Honey, dry anaerobic fermentation with strawberry & wine yeast


1450-1500 masl


100% Castillo


Finca Villarazo, Armenia



Up until now whenever we talk about tasting notes in coffee it has only been that, a flavour within the cup that is similar to or reminiscent of the whole flavour of, or a particular element of the taste of another thing. An acidity like a green apple. The sweetness of a strawberry. We use these markers to help customers make choices about which coffees should suit their preferences most. These flavour notes also, we feel, elevate the experience by gently encouraging observation, analysis and ultimately appreciation for the luxury that is coffee. However, in this coffee there actually is strawberry! Freeze-dried strawberries are anaerobically fermented along with the coffee and wine yeast. Before we roast this coffee the scent of strawberry is clearly present in the green beans and when this coffee is finally brewed the taste is unmistakable. But not just strawberry, we also get notes of sweet Turkish delight and champagne. This exceptional coffee was produced by Jairo Arcila at Finca Villarazo. For this micro-lot, cherries were strictly picked with the same level of ripeness and immediately transported to the processing station, La Pradera. It is then pulped and later exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 48 hours at 23 degrees Celsius with strawberry and wine yeast, afterwards the coffee is shadow-dried in parabolic drying beds to the ideal moisture content.

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