GRAPOS Mountain Water Decaf, Mexico | DECAF
GRAPOS Mountain Water Decaf, Mexico | DECAF
GRAPOS Mountain Water Decaf, Mexico | DECAF
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GRAPOS Mountain Water Decaf, Mexico | DECAF

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Tasting notes:

Dark chocolate, lime and raisin


Mexico, Chiapas


Washed. Mountain Water Decaf process


700-1600 masl


Típica, Marsellesa, Bourbon


Grupo de Agricultores Positivos R.L.



Representing roughly 2% of global coffee production, Mexico is well-known for its coffee grown in the Chiapas and Oaxacan regions situated in the southern reaches of the country. The Mexican Revolution led to Agrarian Reforms redistributing land to local populations. Small-scale coffee production exploded with the creation of the National Coffee Institute of Mexico (INMECAFE) in 1973 yet was dismantled in 1989 following the International Coffee Crisis. With the lack of support from a governing coffee body, producers were then forced to sell coffee at low prices to local coyotes. Thanks to the creation of cooperatives and other producer organizations, producers received more support and were provided with better access to international markets. Today, coffee production has stabilized and remains strong. This lot is one example of how Mexican coffee has prospered.

Chiapas is situated in the southern reaches of Mexico, with rich biodiversity and climbing altitudes–this region is known for its healthy soils and ideal climates for coffee production. As one of the five Mayan States in Mexico, Chiapas has a wealth of archaeological and cultural history. It is within this region that the Grupo de Agricultores Positivos S.P.R. (GRAPOS) was founded in 2007.


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