Costa Rica El Bueyerito Natural | Filter
Costa Rica El Bueyerito Natural | Filter
Costa Rica El Bueyerito Natural | Filter
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Costa Rica El Bueyerito Natural | Filter

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Tasting notes:

Lime, grape and sugar cane


Costa Rica, Zona Norte




1,100 metres above sea level


El Bueyerito


Roberto Jimenez Muñoz



It was in 2008 that Roberto Jimenez Muñoz hatched the idea to begin processing and exporting green coffee from his farm El Bueyerito. He inherited the farm from his father, and the area was once used for cattle. He began to learn more about the cultivation of coffee, processing and the coffee trade overall to establish a more profitable business. However, this process took nearly three years to come to fruition. El Bueyerito was formally established in 2009, but it wasn’t until the end of 2011 that all the machinery for processing and milling was installed. Finally, in 2012 the company began marketing their product, working to achieve high standards for quality, and in 2017 the family successfully exported their own container. The Jimenez family has always relied upon the help of the noble ox (buey) to help them in their agricultural work. In Costa Rica, oxen are highly valued not only as beasts of burden, so important to the sowing and harvesting of many crops, but also as symbolic, ceremonial animals. El Bueyerito’ is a person who likes work and who commonly walks the oxen as they go to work. It is for this reason that the farm bears this honourable name.

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