Finca La Falda, Colombia | FILTER
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Finca La Falda, Colombia | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Apricot and tablet


Colombia, Urrao. Antioquia


Fully washed, dried in parabolic beds


1940 masl


100% Chiroso


Jose Arcadio Caro Rueda



Born and brought up in Urrao, Antioquia by coffee-producing parents, Jose Arcadio Rueda’s passion for coffee was encouraged from a young age. Today, this passion is shared by his wife, Marbeluz, and teenage son, Santiago, both of whom help Sr. Arcadio on the farm. In the 20+ years since buying the plot, the family has together built up a 9,500 tree plantation of the smaller Chiroso variety (originally named Caturra Chiroso) and more recently, have begun growing the larger Chiroso variety.

This Chiroso tree, originally thought to be a variety of Caturra unique to Urrao, is characterised by an elongated cherry and is known locally for its productivity. Jose was one of the first farmers in the region to begin planting significant plots large enough for commercial use. There is now research suggesting Chiroso is actually a variety related to Ethiopian landraces. How this got to Finca La Falda is unlear but with it’s superb cup and complex notes Jose is sure glad it did...

... and so are we!

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