Brazil Aramosa Double Ferment | FILTER
Brazil Aramosa Double Ferment | FILTER
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Brazil Aramosa Double Ferment | FILTER

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Tasting notes:



Brazil, Cerrado


Natural, Anaerobic and Aerobic


1050 metres above sea level




Inacio Carlo Urba



This particular lot from Rio Brilhante is 100% Aramosa: an interesting hybrid of Arabica and the lesser-known Racemosa species. Aramosa is well known for its great cup quality, as well as being naturally low in caffeine content. This is one of several experimental fermentation lots. The coffee is subject to two fermentation processes; first anaerobic then aerobic. The Cherries are picked and sorted then placed into 200-litre pots with a valve to allow for excess carbon dioxide to leave the chamber for 36 hours (anaerobic fermentation). The coffee is removed, cleaned and laid out evenly so that it is 15cm in-depth and left to dry off any excess water. After two days the coffee is placed into large sacks to undergo the second fermentation for a further 18 hours (aerobic fermentation). Finally, the double fermented cherries are removed from the sacks and replaced in layers of 5cm on the terrace before being left to dry. This experimental fermentation is responsible for the intense fruit quality in the cup.


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