Fazenda Passeio Catucaí Natural, Brazil | FILTER
Fazenda Passeio Catucaí Natural, Brazil | FILTER
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Fazenda Passeio Catucaí Natural, Brazil | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Caramel , white grape , brown sugar and hazelnut


Brazil. Minas Gerais




1100-1200 meters above sea level


100% Catuaí


Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira



While on a recent origin trip in Brazil, W&J co-founder Todd was able to source all of this exceptional lot from Fazenda Passeio. Out of 100+ coffees tested this natural processed Catucaí stood out with its sweet, full bodied and clean profile. Brazil has long been the largest coffee producing country in the world but this has not stopped growers from experimenting with new coffee varieties and fermentation practices. Several farms visited were growing tens of different varieties, some experimenting with spraying yeasts onto the fermenting cherries and others using the washed process, a
rarity in Brazil. However, after extensive tasting it was the tried and tested varieties of catucaí and bourbon that drew Todd’s attention and from a farm that selectively hand-picks and expertly processes only the most ripe cherries. Fazenda Passeio is located in prime specialty coffee country in the heart of Sul de Minas. The farm’s 130 hectares lie between 1,100 and 1,200 metres above sea level in a mountainous area with excellent soil fertility and regular rains. The farm is headed by third generation coffee farmer Adolfo Vieira Ferreira. Adolfo and his wife were amazing hosts when Todd visited and took great pride in showing him around their farm, even by Brazilian standards, making it all the more special for us to offer this coffee and the story behind its origin.

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