Our Coffee


We curate our coffee offering out of the tastiest seasonal coffees. Our choice selection changes thought the year as we continue to source new fresh crop coffees. We always keep our coffees separate, offering each one as a single origin to celebrate its individual character. Once we have secured each lot we roast in small batched in our café at the shore. Each coffee is roasted very specifically to its own roast profile that has been carefully designed to evoke the bean’s natural character.

We roast every Monday and Tuesday.




If you use too much coffee your brew is likely to taste savoury or salty and possibly sour, due to under extraction of the coffee. If you do not use enough coffee the brew is likely to taste washed out or watery and possibly bitter. Astringency can be caused by both over and under extraction. The correct extraction is where the perceived sweetness in the brew is highest. We recommend using 60g of coffee per 1oooml of boiled water when brewing filter coffee.


Coffee beans falling out of a roasting machine



Other factors to be aware of when brewing coffee:

  • The quality of your grinder (always use a burr grinder).
  • Your grind size. This is how coarse of finely the coffee is ground. (for a ‘pour – over’ we recommend the grind size to be similar to a coarse sand).
  • The temperature of the water. Hotter water will increase extraction. We recommend boiling water just before using it, partly for easy consistency and we find that we get nice sweet coffee like this.
  • Brew duration. The longer the coffee is in contact with the water for the higher the extraction will be.
  • The hardness of your water. Harder water (water with higher mineral content) will increase extraction as minerals in the water bond with chemical compounds in the coffee. Edinburgh has very soft water. We conduct our quality control in Edinburgh’s very soft water.