Timemore Coffee Server
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Timemore Coffee Server

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Introducing the Timemore Coffee Server, meticulously crafted from robust Borosilicate glass, engineered to withstand temperature shocks of up to 150°C without compromise.

Indulge in comfort and style with our server's thoughtfully designed wide handle, featuring added thickness for a heat-proof grip. Experience luxurious ease without any discomfort from heat, ensuring an enjoyable pouring experience.

Experience precision pouring like never before with our server's meticulously engineered V-shaped spout. Enjoy a smooth and controlled flow, minimizing spills and granting you unparalleled mastery over each pour.

Versatility meets functionality with our server, transcending beyond coffee to accommodate a plethora of beverages, including juice and tea. Embrace its versatility for all your beverage-sharing occasions.

Elevate your gatherings with the Timemore Coffee Server's impressive 600mL capacity, allowing you to share ample servings of your favorite beverages with loved ones. Make every moment memorable with this essential addition to your tabletop ensemble.

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