Pablo Emilio Montoya, Colombia | FILTER
Pablo Emilio Montoya, Colombia | FILTER
Pablo Emilio Montoya, Colombia | FILTER
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Pablo Emilio Montoya, Colombia | FILTER

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Tasting notes:

Nectarine, cocoa, iced tea


Colombia, Urrao


Washed; Three days extended fermentation; dried on covered beds


1900 masl


Caturra Chiroso


Finca La Esperanza, Pavón



Don Pablo, always with his black hat, is a crucial member of the community in Pavón and was the originator of the Grupo Pavóncollective of specialty coffee producers. He is one of the main leaders of the group and has long been one of the strongest voices
in insisting on a specialty coffee focus as a means of attaining sustainability. Pablo and his neighbours were heavily inspired by Jose Arcadio of Finca la Falda, two-time winner of Cup of Excellence and, coincidentally, also from Urrao. Though working with smaller farms than La Falda (which is still small, at approximately 10 hectares), Pablo convinced the group that if they decided to work together, they just might be able to improve their coffee quality so that they could access the speciality market. In 2014 the group found success and achieved 3rd place in Colombia ́s COE, under the name of Pablo Emilio Montoya, and 2 Top 60 positions in the local Best Cup of Antioquia Competition. Pablo lives with his wife and son at La Esperanza, and has now given his son a part of the land to manage and harvest. He continues to be committed to the best agricultural and post harvest practices, so as to ensure the quality of his coffee.

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